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Our Hens

The hens at Lochquoy Farm are very well looked after

Our free range hens enjoy the fresh Caithness air all day long. The specialist-built poultry housing provides them with a scratch area (great if the weather's really poor), feed on a track around the building to ensure all the hens have continuous access to the high-protein diet essential for a healthy hen, clean drinking water and perching for that all important night's sleep.

Early morning means the hens lay their eggs in comfortable nest boxes and the rest of the day is spent outdoors and in, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their natural behaviour and make tomorrow's egg.

Each laying shed has a 3-acre paddock for the hens to forage in and contains 2,000 birds. Presently, we have five laying sheds but, due to the high demand for our eggs, we are continuing to expand.

The Caithness Eggs hens enjoy the fresh air of the north of Scotland

Caithness Eggs hens roam at large on Lochquoy Farm

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